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Parker | RPD- Meeting


Parker, as the man was talking about changes they’ve made to BOWs, tried to keep his look impassive. The implications of the endeavor would make the BSAA’s job a lot more difficult and more morally questionable, if some of the creatures weren’t mindless monsters and being forced to do things. After the scientists left, he slumped a bit in his chair.

“I understand… But what about you? What’re they going to do to you when they find out I’ve escaped? Are you leaving with me or not?” Parker frowned. This would probably end badly for 3586, from what Parker could tell.

"Tch. I’m sure that’ll blow over well. I’m essentially useless outside of experimentation for both sides of this Bio-Weapon war. I don’t know any of Umbrellas secrets except simple grunt-work, so I can barely be used for information. All I got going for me is the ability to kill someone." The grunt sighed and rubbed his face…or rather what was left of it. His outlook on life was rather dim after spending several months in this hellhole. This was probably going to be his only way out at this point…

"…Okay, fuck it. Fine. If you can secure me a protected area with your group, I’ll go. If I leave here and I get treated the same fuckin’ way I will not hesitate to wreck your shit either. You got me?" The grunt moved behind Parker to set him free, checking his watch once more.

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You that talkin’ licker I’ve been hearing so much about?

“Depends, you that one who’s related to the bastard who caused all this shit?”


That’d be a yes.  Related to, yes.  Responsible for, no.  What that twisted douche did got nothin’ to do with me.

The Licker pulled a cigarette from his jacket, popping a brass zippo open to light it, “So what’re y’doin’ then? Gonna make the world better? Fulla happy sunshine and unicorn farts?” He blew smoke out from between his teeth in annoyance.

Parker | RPD- Meeting


Parker blinked. He got a smack to the head. Through the haze of pain, he was really starting to wonder if he was getting a concussion, as his ears were ringing and his vision blurred again. It was strange, someone being called a number instead of a name, Parker thought. As the other people walked into the room, Parker looked at them distantly, not registering much, aside from a bit about their attire.

As the grunt’s helmet came free, Parker blinked. He stared and started leaning back, trying to register what was happening. The grunt was a Licker. A talking Licker. Who, apparently, wasn’t trying to kill people as soon as he came across them.

“…You’re-” He let out a short laugh, more from shock than anything else. If he managed to survive this and get out, this would be something that probably nobody in the BSAA would believe. “Why? How?”

The doctor shot a look at Parker, sneering a little as he gestured with a nod for one of the other guards to rifle butt him. After the backend of the weapon connected with the agent’s face, the guard went back to standing at attention. With one more twist the Lab-rat allowed the Licker to move free, though a little more stiff. “We learned that giving them…some free will allows them to work better with others; though not too much otherwise we’ll have a rogue agent on our hands.” The doctor seemed to chuckle at his own words.

Meanwhile the B.O.W seemed severely uneasy with the new adjustments as he reached for his mask. He turned and saluted the doctor, who was already leaving the room. “I trust you’ll interrogate him properly then dispose of him on your own. If you fail you’ll be sent back in the tube.” The three left, leaving the two once again in the room, camera tilted upward. 3586 leaned over and whispered to Parker, “…There’s an emergency exit in the east wing of the building…” He checked his watch, “There will be a guard shift in about ten minutes where you can slip past them; we’ll stage a fight in here…take my gear and you get the fuck out. You hear me?”


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You that talkin’ licker I’ve been hearing so much about?

"Depends, you that one who’s related to the bastard who caused all this shit?"

Parker | RPD- Meeting


Parker stared at the man. His jaw dropped at the sudden turn of events. Several questions were running through his head now. “Uh… HQ did not tell me this was the most guarded facility of the area. I just got sent in alone, with a general idea of the layout of the building. They said I didn’t need the extra protection.

“Who are you, anyway?” Parker looked at the grunt confusedly. He shifted in his chair and glanced up at the camera for a second. It was unlikely there was any audio being recorded, he thought. “Why’re you working for them, if you are so forgiving of intruders or not willing to beat the shit out of people when you’re supposed to? Seems pretty damn stupid, if you ask me.”

The grunt nearly facepalmed, how could HQ NOT inform it’s agents that—It would have to wait. When asked who he was all he could do was spit out one answer, “Just call me 3586…" He wasn’t kidding either, the security card on his belt read that as his name as well which was odd to say the least. He shifted a little and crossed his arms, it was almost as if he hated saying that too.

Moving onto the next question, the grunt just shook his head, “Unlike you I don’t have a CHOICE to work for them, must be nice fighting for good and all that shit isn’t it? Helping people while I’m stuck here murdering innocents…" He trailed off for a moment and tensed up when he heard footsteps, "…Sorry about this in advance." The grunt pulled his fist back and slammed it into the side of the agent’s head to rough him up a bit since that’s what security saw him attempting to do beforehand, not doing it would’ve been more questionable than doing it.

The door slid open as a rather…short, important looking gentleman in a suit and labcoat came in, escorted by two similar looking guards. Looking at the grunt, then intruder then back at the grunt the man smirked, “I see you had no problem with him, good…good. However you on the other hand need a bit of tweaking. You know the drill.” The grunt was quick to protest, “Sir, right now? It doesn’t seem like the best of cho—nnngh!" The grunt tensed up, similarly to how he did in the fight, the other gentleman, presumably a doctor, shook his head, "tsk tsk, it’s not up to you. How about we show this ‘freedom fighter’ something he’ll never forget…"

The grunt hesitated then saluted a little, unbuckling the straps to his helmet and tugging his mask and balaclava free. Sliding them back, the grunt slowly exposed himself…though that wasn’t the only thing exposed. As the gear was removed, the Agent would see thick, red muscle tissue—absolutely no skin. The gear showed more, no ears, no eyes…a rather large mouth of pointed teeth and of course the most disturbing thing was the fact that his brain was on the outside…the grunt was a damned Licker. As the grunt turned around, the Doctor smirked and reached up to a device implanted at the base of the skull, seeming to fiddle and prod about it as the creature winced and grunted, “You see my insignificant BSAA agent, we do marvelous things here; even if some are a little rowdy we can fix that. Right 3586?” The Licker responded, “Sir, yes sir…hnn…”

Parker | RPD- Meeting


Parker got up, still feeling as though the room was spinning. “Yeah, and clearly I’m capable of ‘funny shit,’ while I walk around like a drunk.” A bit of sarcasm had crept into his voice.

He started walking to where the grunt had gestured, stumbling a bit as he did so. “You’re gonna have to pay for the medical bill if you gave me a concussion,” he said, glancing back toward the man.

The grunt continued walking behind the agent, and something in his demeanor changed. He seemed more lax, as if the communications he was receiving was off or they were off camera for a short time, “Sure, ask the guy who works for Umbrella about medical shit; I’m sure you want to end up in a test tube too." The sarcasm was thrown right back.

Moving down a rather ‘too-clean-for-it’s-own-good’ hallway, the Umbrella grunt led the other toward the holding cells, sliding his keycard - which oddly did not have a photo of him on it like the others - through the reader and allowing it to open. “Sit." He gestured to the chair in the room and sheathed his knife, looking up at the camera for a moment and cracking his knuckles, "Going to need to point this away for what I’m gonna do next…" Leaning up, the grunt tilted the camera up to the ceiling - usually a sign that someone was about to get their ass handed to him…but that never happened.

Instead the grunt shot a look at the agent, “The fuck are you even doing here? This is Umbrella’s most heavily guarded area you dumbass - You’re lucky they sent ME in and not one of the regulars, you’d be in a bodybag by now!" How awkward.

Parker | RPD- Meeting


Parker managed to dodge out of the way of the first attack, but the second hit its’ mark. A sharp pain went through his jaw and he stumbled back, shaking and barely able to keep his balance. He was light-headed and his vision was blurred. He leaned up against the wall and slid down to the floor. There was the unwelcome feeling of the world spinning around him and the dim idea that this man’s strength was unnatural. “How-?”

The grunt stepped forward as the intruder slumped down, lowering his knife toward the others neck; nearly pressing the blade to it. “Also none of your business…” The knife moved closer, only to be pulled away in another moment of hesitation and that’s when he received yet another jolt - thankfully moving the knife away from the other man’s neck, but he managed to keep his ground.

After several groans, the grunt shook his head and replied back to whomever was on the opposite end of his communications. “How about instead of killing him; we take him to holding and interrogate him, hm? If he’s dead I’m sure whoever sent him will send more…" There was a pause, then what sounded like a sigh of relief. "Then I’ll bring him at once." Turning back to the intruder, the grunt gestured with the knife, "Get up. Start walking. No funny shit.